Thursday, 18 February 2010

My Mac Pigment Collection

Before 2010, I didn't own any Mac pigments. I had tried and used them on many occasions, but never bought one as I could never see myself using up a whole jar of pigment. However, when they brought out the smaller containers, I thought that I might finally be able to use them! I have an aunt in the US who kindly offered to send me these as they are cheaper over there - we are ripped off by Mac in the UK! I did of course reimburse her :)

This is my current pigment collection. From L-R: Kitschmas, Tan, Melon, Silver Fog and Violet.

^ Kitschmas - a 'Light airy shimmering pink/mauve pearl' and a lovely shade. Very versatile as it goes with a lot of different colours. I like putting this on top of Mac's 'Beautiful Iris' shadow to make it a little more interesting.

^ Melon - 'Soft bright golden peach' - this reminds me a lot of Rubenesque paintpot. A beautiful peachy-bronze colour.

Silver Fog - a 'Platinum silver' - this is a Pro shade which means that it is only available at Mac Pro stores or if you order it online/over the phone. I struggle with silver as with my fair complexion and blue eyes I often think it isn't the colour for me, but this is actually an incredibly flattering hue.

^ Tan. Tan is a 'Muted bronzed pinky brown.' It is such a gorgeous shade of brown. Tan and Melon go very well together and I have created a few looks with these two. Tan is a very safe colour - by that I don't mean that it is a boring colour, but that you can't really go wrong with it. Love it!

^ Violet. A 'Vivid bright violet-purple.' Now, in my opinion, this is not violet at all. I would definitely term this as a purple and quite a dark purple at that. It is, however, such a pretty shade! It adds that extra something to a purple smokey eye.

So that is it. I love the Mac pigments - they are of exceptional quality. Nevertheless, they are £15 in the UK, which is rather expensive (this is why I seek my kind Aunt's help!) If you are looking for something similar for a lower price, I would always go for Barry M's Dazzle Dusts :) xx


  1. Great post! Melon is on my wish list, it's such a beautiful color!

  2. Thank you! Melon is probably my favourite, along with Tan :) xx

  3. Put up some demo photos! I've got a few- they're so pretty and I don't know how to wear them x

  4. these pigments are just so beautiful, i adore that deep violet color at the end, it would look oh so glorious on you dear!xx

  5. Thank you! It is gorgeous, I am going to try and wear it more often xx

  6. Great collection. Hows it going you actually using them??
    I got tan and i swore i would use it.. have i? NOOO! lol i really have to stop being so lazy and use them. I guess its because they can get messy that I dont use them more!! xx

  7. Thanks! I am exactly the same!! I have only been using them when I really have time to think about the makeup that I want to wear. I agree - I think it's because they require effort and time that they don't get used..oh dear.. xx

  8. I adore my pigments and i don't think i've had much if any fall out of mine at all i love them and use them nearly every day, i have more pigments that shadows...Tan and Quietly go really well together i did a fotd using them which i have posted on my blog. It is such a subtle natrual look which i love and i think looks stunning! I have just ordered melon from a blog sale so looking forward to having a play around with it when arrives.


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