Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Favourite Blushers

Hello everyone! It's my one month blog anniversary today! Hehe. A big thank you to everyone who has subscribed, it means a lot :)

I wanted to show you my favourite blushers today. Three of them are Nars, five are Mac, one is Benefit and one is Illamasqua! These are my current favourites, having recently tried my first Illamasqua blush when some money comes in, I would love to try more from their range. I am also hoping to purchase Benefit's Coralista so my favourites could change!


^ Angelika. Such a fun colour! Nars describes it as a 'cotton candy' pink, and that is a pretty good description. It has beautiful silver shimmer to it, which can easily be toned down by buffing the shade into your cheeks, if that puts you off.

^ Deep Throat. Already raved about this, but this is probably my favourite Nars blush. I don't own many peach blushers, so it was a useful buy. Nars describes it as a 'peach with shimmer' which is true, but a bit misleading as it has definite pink undertones, making it a very wearable shade.

^ Madly. Nars describes this as a 'Seashell pink.' Hmm. I disagree. I would actually describe it as a light brown colour with pink/mauve undertones. Now if you are pale, and you are currently thinking, 'Ahh! I can't wear brown blush!', think again. I am NC15, and this works so well over bronzer. It makes you look as if you have just got back from holiday, and no fake tan or sunburn needs to be involved!


^ Katie. Illamasqua describes Katie as a 'Soft candy pink.' As I have mentioned before on this blog, it is very similar to Mac's Well Dressed. The difference? The colour pay-off. Katie requires the tiniest amount applied, whereas I need to apply Well Dressed to the cheeks 2-3 times in order to get the required amount. Both can be desirable, depending on what you need. For a more subtle, buildable look, I'd go for Well Dressed but if I was in a rush, I'd reach for Katie.


^ Well Dressed. Mac refers to it as a 'Pink lady pink' - a very soft baby pink. It is such a classic colour, and if you were looking to purchase a safe and wearable colour, I would recommend this shade every time. Definitely my favourite Mac powder blush.

^ Dame. Dame is similar to Well Dressed, and they are both satins. The main difference is that Dame has more mauve/blue undertones. This is reflected in Mac's description of the shade as a 'Blue soiree pink.'
^ Pink Swoon. I first came across this shade when I was at a friend's house and I had forgotten my blush. I asked to borrow hers, she handed me this, and we fell in love! Mac describes this shade as 'Clearly pink'...but I think I can do a little better. It is a bright candy shade which gives a gorgeous pop of colour to the cheeks. A little goes a long way with this blusher, and if you're looking for subtlety, this might not be the shade to go for.

^ Lillicent. This is in the Blushcreme formulation. According to Mac, a 'Full rosy fleshtone' - in normal language, that translates as a healthy-looking peach colour. Such a gorgeous shade, and perfect for summer.

^ Ladyblush. This is another blush in the Blushcreme formula. Such a pretty shade of pink! Mac describes it as a 'Demure pink flush' which actually describes it very well. If you had to choose one Blushcreme, I would go for this one!


^ Dandelion. I first tried this shade when I was fourteen, and I still use it nearly four years later! You can't go wrong with this powder. It is just yet another beautiful, wearable, baby-pink shade. I would not recommend this for those with dark skin, however!

Phew! That post took forever, though I did enjoy it! Let me know what your favourite blushers are :) xx


  1. Happy blog anniversary! Very jealous of your blusher collection, you've got some beautiful colours x

  2. Thankyou for the happy birthday, dame blush looks gorrrgeous! xx

  3. You're very welcome, and it is - I love it! hehe xx

  4. Aside from eyeshadows, blushers are my favorite item of makeup! I have my eye on the cream blushes...I love the natural dewy look they provide!

  5. Cream blushers are amazing! Love the Mac ones in particular as you can see. Blushers and lipsticks are my favourite makeup items :) xx


  6. yay happy anniversary! :D
    all of your blushes are gorgeous, Katie has to be my favourite though



  7. Oh I hope you get a chance to check out Hussy.
    It's a lovely baby pinky coral :)


  8. Thank you! And thanks also for the recommendation - I just looked at it on the Illamasqua website - it's gorgeous and I have made a mental note of it! xx

  9. Your blush collection is so pretty! I love Well Dressed :)

  10. Thank you! It is such a lovely colour! xx


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