Sunday, 7 February 2010

Collective Haul

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to post much this week - I celebrated one of my best friend's 18th birthday this weekend - we went to a bar for drinks last night, then went clubbing, and arrived home at 5 in the morning! So as I write this, I am rather sleepy...

Anyway, this is just a post to show you what I have bought this week!

^ I bought these flats from Russell and Bromley (a shoe shop in London.) They are sooo pretty :) I actually really like wearing flats and prefer them to heels, but they have to be interesting flats!

^ I also bought the following brushes from Mac (T-B): 227, 224, 219, 252

The 227 is so big! I really did not expect it to be as large as it is. It is very fluffy, and perfect for applying a highlight colour.

The 224 is always talked and raved about, so I felt like I had to pick up this brush at some stage! It is competition for the 217 as it is excellent at blending and applying the crease colour.

The 219 is the pencil brush. I haven't used this much yet, but I think it will work well for applying shimmer to the inner corner of the eye.

Finally, the 252 is a larger version of the 239 - it is able to apply shadow all over the lid in one sweep. I can tell that this is going to be really useful!

Thanks for reading. I hope to be posting a bit more this week! xx


  1. I love those shoes, are they still in stock?
    je suis tres fatigue aussi!

  2. They are still in stock :)
    Ah, dommage! xx

  3. Aww the flats are so pretty!


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