Saturday, 16 January 2010

My Top 10 Lipsticks

My top 10 Lipsticks are different versions of exactly the same colour! In fact, once when I was buying a YSL lipstick, the lady behind the counter said exactly that - 'At the end of the day they're all the same colour...' Oh well! I love them all :)

So we have one Maybelline lipstick, six Mac lipsticks and 3 YSL lipsticks! I will go into more detail below :)


Apologies for the slightly blurry pictures. On the far left is YSL's Rouge Volpute in Lingerie Pink (7). It is such a beautiful colour - a bubblegum pink with lilac undertones. Next to it in the same formula is Frivolous Pink (19) - this is a slightly brighter, more 'true pink' - if that makes any sense! It is supposed to be a more wearable Lingerie Pink, but I actually use it less often. On the far right is YSL Rouge Pur in Pink Satin (141). This is also a pink with blue undertones - quite similar to Mac's Snob, but I would say a touch darker and more wearable.


From left to right : Saint Germain, Shy Girl, Fleshpot, Snob, Creme Cup, Hue.

Saint Germain is another gorgeous bubblegum pink, I used it a lot in the summer of 2009. If you're not into bright colours, this won't be for you. Shy Girl is a pretty nude with coral undertones - a more interesting take of a nude lip colour. Fleshpot is a more wearable version of Myth - quite nude yet forgiving, it doesn't give you that notorious 'corpse look.' Snob is possibly my favourite Mac lipstick - a pink with definite lilac undertones. I like my lilac undertones! Creme Cup is a less frosty version of Angel, a nice rosy, baby pink colour. I liked the colour of Angel, but hated the frostiness so this is a match made in heaven! Finally, Hue - a beautiful baby pink-nude. Such a wearable colour, and it goes with most looks.


Finally, it is Maybelline's Colour Sensational in Ambre Rose (112). A very pretty baby pink. A slightly frostier colour than I usually go for but nonetheless gorgeous. I painted the bottom of the lipstick with pink nail polish - what can I say, I was bored and wanted to cover up the scratches!



  1. They are all gorgeous!! I want too try some ysl ones! XO

  2. Ahh do! They are expensive, but worth it! xx


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