Sunday, 17 January 2010

Mac Blushcremes

Recently (well...last year) I bought two Blushcremes from Mac - one in Lillicent (right) and one in Ladyblush (left). Lillicent is a very pretty warm peach colour, whereas Ladyblush is a rosy pink with a hint of peach. Both look very pretty on the cheeks, and they last for hours. However, today I was playing around with them and decided to use them as a lip colour.

^Ladyblush on the lips!

^ Lillicent on the lips!

I have to say in the photos they look very similar. However, in real life Lillicent is much peachier! Have you tried wearing any of your cream blushes as lip products? xx


  1. ohh, these are lovely : )

  2. Hello! I'm a new follower (=

  3. they do look similar and they both look great :)

  4. WOW these are amazing colours.
    i actually havn't tried any MAC Blushcremes but now that i know it is a multipurpose item and you can use it on the lips, im starting to get motivation to look into purchasing one. They do look similar but im sure the camera is lying. They are both such beautiful colours for a lip and cheek product. They really suit your lips :)

  5. Gaby - Thankyou! Much appreciated :)
    AudreyAllure - Thanks!
    Jordy's Beauty Spot - I would so recommend them, really pleased that I bought them, multipurpose items are so useful in the current economic climate! Thankyou :)

  6. Never thought of using blusher as lipstick. Those 2 colours look lovely, the perfect natural lip colour x

  7. Thank you very much - I'm quite excited about the discovery! haha

  8. amazing! they look so pretty. very clever idea.


  9. Thanks :) love your blog btw! xx


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