Sunday, 14 March 2010

Hopelessly in Love - OPI

I recently bought two nail polishes from OPI - Hopelessly in Love and Bubble Bath.

I will post about Bubble Bath as soon as I can, but today I wanted to show you all Hopelessly in Love. Hopelessly in Love is such a pretty milky-peachy-pink colour!

The shade might not be everyone's cup of tea as it is such a safe nude, but personally I love it. It is perfect for keeping your nails looking pretty and well kept, without making a statement. Despite being such a major nail polish brand, OPI polishes are not too expensive - they are £10 each and cannot be beaten for quality.

More soon! xx


  1. I love these kinds of colors for when you just want to paint your nail fast, and if you make a tiny mistake, you can't really tell! So convenient!

  2. Very true! It's so obvious with the brighter/darker colours! xx

  3. ah i love it can't wait to see your other colours i'm trying to build up a little collection x

  4. Same! I am starting to really get into nail polish xx


  5. I love these nude pink colours for nails, makes them look pretty and healthy! :)
    Bubble Bath looks gorgeous, like a liquid bath soak or something. Hope you post it soon!


  6. I totally agree! I always think of light pastel colours in Spring too. I will post a picture of Bubble Bath when Hopelessly in Love starts chipping, then I will redo my nails with Bubble Bath ;) xx


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