Saturday, 29 January 2011

Lady Danger

I tend to steer clear of bright colours on the lips, going for nude, peachy-toned hues instead. However, at uni I have absolutely loved Mac's Lady Danger on certain nights out. Red lipstick is actually great for when you want to look fabulous, but don't have much time to get ready. This is because, as your lips are what I like to call 'statement lips,' you don't have to wear much makeup other than the lipstick. I will wear a light blush, and usually no eyeshadow or a very natural one.

In the picture below, I am wearing Mac's Lady Danger with Revlon's Colourstay Lipliner in Red - original name!

More soon xx


  1. I just got this recently and I really want to wear it out definately not you everyday colour but it looks gorgeous! x

  2. Ahh glad to hear it! Yes you must do, it makes you feel so confident too :) xx

  3. Looks fab on you :)

    This is on my wish list, I really don't need another red but I don't think that will stop me buying! x

  4. Aww thank you. I probably shouldn't tempt you but it is really easy to wear! xx

  5. I just recently bought this colour and love it. I love that its more of an orange-red than a blue toned red.
    You look gorgeous in this picture.

  6. Yes! I find that orange toned reds suit my complexion so much more, but they are hard to find. Thanks lovely :) xx


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