Saturday, 14 August 2010

Birthday Jewellery

Long time no post! Many apologies.

The other day, it was my 18th birthday. Unfortunately I was not able to hold a big celebration on the day as many of my friends were on holiday (the troubles of being an August baby...!) I will be doing some more birthday posts a little later on when I catch up with all my friends..

Today, however, I thought I would show you some jewellery that I was given by my best friend as birthday gifts.

^ This is the bracelet.

^ These are the earrings

They are both silver, and absolutely beautiful! I never spend money on jewellery, so it lovely that I now have some lovely items :) xx


  1. They are beautiful, especially the bracelet, so elegant.

    Happy belated birthday xx

  2. Aww gorgeous jewellery! Hope you had a great bday! :) xx

  3. Thank you both very much! xx

  4. I love the bracelet, I hope you had a good birthday! :) x

  5. Happy belated b'day....o..lucky you...i love the bracelet....


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