Friday, 2 April 2010

Mac Give Me Liberty of London

Yesterday I also went to Mac to have a peek at the Give Me Liberty of London collection. Needless to say, it did not blow me away. I debated over whether to purchase a beauty powder, but in the end I only bought one lipstick - in the shade Blooming Lovely.

I missed out on getting Lavender Whip and the Hello Kitty lilac lipsticks, as I was not collecting Mac back then, so was thrilled to be able to get my hands on this shade! It is a very flattering dark lilac/lavender hue, and in my favourite finish - Amplified Creme, so I had to get it! xx


  1. That looks gorgeous! Oh dear, another lipstick I like.

  2. Haha..I'm a lipstick junkie too! xx

  3. Great choice! Liberty of London is released here tomorrow and I am looking forward to going and buying stuff!!
    New follower!

  4. Thanks for following :) I love the excitement when the collections are released! Hope you pick up some nice things xx


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